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VOS (Vroon Offshore Services) is a leading maritime offshore services supplier. Vroon has been in this business for over 40 years. The geographical focus is primarily on the North Sea, Mediterranean and South East Asia. Vroon has offices in Aberdeen, Den Helder, Genoa and Singapore.

The Company operates four main vessel categories: platform supply vessels (PSV), anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels, emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRV) and subsea support vessels. In addition, a wide range of additional offshore services, such as seismic/survey support, maintenance and scientific support, is offered on a worldwide basis.

The fleet versatility means we are able to fulfil customer requirements in the fields of oil drilling and production and offshore construction and maintenance work. Whether it be platform supply, emergency response and rescue work, anchor handling or subsea support, Vroon has the fleet to MEET your needs, the people to DELIVER and the determination to SUCCEED.

MPI Offshore Ltd, a Vroon Company based in Stokesley, UK, is specialised in offshore wind turbine installation and maintenance.

Vision and Mission

To be recognised as a premier offshore-support vessel company in selected market segments.

To consistently provide our customers a quality, value-added service built around the highest industry standards in operations, environment and crew competency.

Fleetlist Offshore Support Vessels

Emergency Rescue and Response Vessels/ Safety Standby Vessels
NameFlagBuiltConvertedDWTSurvivor capacitykWTypeParticulars
VOS RAMBLERLiberia197319970120740
VOS RULERLiberia197419970120740
VOS NORTHWINDLiberia1972200203001,640
VOS WESTWINDLiberia197719961,5453001,470
VOS TRACKER Liberia200701251,325
VOS TRADER Liberia200703001,325
VOS TRAPPER Liberia200801251,325
VOS TRAVELLERLiberia200803001,325
VOS LISMOREUK198619959773001,488
VOS TIREEUK198119958633001,824
VOS EMPERORUK197619916243000
VOS WARRIORUK197319914223000
VOS SENTINELUK1982680>3001,676
VOS DEFENDERUK1982680>3002,070
VOS RANGERUK1983680>3001,738
VOS PROTECTORUK1983673>3001,676
VOS SUPPORTERUK19836733001,738
VOS VICTORYUK19941,2803001,440
VOS CLIPPERBarbados1981200703002,238
VOS OCEANBarbados198320069553001,678
VOS PATROLBarbados1982200603001,865
VOS RUNNERUK197820004003001,325
VOS SAILORBahamas198119953303001,250
VOS SCOUTBahamas198119953303001,250
VOS SEARCHERBahamas198319958603001,678
VOS DONBahamas198019958603001,910
VOS SERVERBahamas197919958393001,865
VOS SIRENBarbados198220069733001,865
VOS DEEUK197419965803001,472
VOS ISLAYUK198619959283002,862
VOS GUARDIANUK19931,2803001,440
VOS SUPPLIERUK197519967903004,534Field Support
VOS COMMANDERUK19754663004,534Field Support
VOS IONAUK197719951,4443003,089Field Support
VOS RAASAYUK198319991,3283003,120Field Support
VOS MASTERUK199419961,6073005,343Field Support
VOS PROVIDERUK19992,102>3004,800Field Support
VOS DISCOVERYUK20071,4333001,500Field Support
VOS EXPLORERUK20071,4333001,500Field Support
VOS INNOVATORUK20071,4333001,500Field Support
VOS INSPIRER UK20071,4333001,500Field Support
VOS PATHFINDER UK20081,4333001,500Field Support
VOS PIONEER UK20081,5363001,600Field Support
VOS PROSPECTOR UK20081,5363001,600Field Support
VOS SEEKER UK20091,5363001,600Field Support
VOS VOYAGERUK20091,536>3001,600Field Support
VOS ENDEAVOUR UK20101,536>3001,600Field Support
VOS ENTERPRISE UK20101,536>3001,600Field Support
VOS ENDURANCEUK20101,536>3001,600Field Support
VOS VENTURERUK20111,536>3001,600Field Support
VOS VIGILANTUK20111,536>3001,600Field Support
VOS VALIANT UK20111,536>3001,600Field Support
VOS FABULOUS (Newbuilding, China) UKNB 2012500>3001,640
VOS FAIRNESS (Newbuilding, China) UKNB 2012500>3001,640
VOS FAITHFUL (Newbuilding, China) UKNB 2013500>3001,640
VOS FAMOUS (Newbuilding, China) UKNB 2013500>3001,640
VOS FANTASTIC (Newbuilding, China) UKNB 2013500>3001,640
VOS FASCINATION (Newbuilding, China) UKNB 2013500>3001,640
Hull No. DN60M-1 (Fujian, China)TBANB 20141,500>3002,800Field Support
Hull No. DN60M-2 (Fujian, China)TBANB 20141,500>3002,800Field Support
Hull No. DN60M-3 (Fujian, China)TBANB 20141,500>3002,800Field Support
Hull No. DN60M-4 (Fujian, China)TBANB 20141,500>3002,800Field Support

Subsea Support Vessels
NameFlagBuiltCraneAccommodation (incl crew)RemarksParticulars
VOS SURVEYORSingapore19815t plus A-frame52DP-1 ROV/Survey
VOS SYMPATHYNetherlands198250t @ 4.5-20m57DP-2
VOS SHELTERNetherlands198320t @ 5.5m244-point mooring
VOS SATISFACTIONNetherlands200730t @ 12m44DP-1/4-point mooring
VOS SHINENetherlands201224mt SWL @ 8m, 6mt @ 19m, Service crane SWL 3mt x 9m outreach50DP-2/4-point mooring
VOS SWEET (Fujian, China)NetherlandsNB 2012TBA50DP-2/4-point mooring

Offshore Support and Utility Vessels
NameFlagBuiltDWTkW / BHPTypeParticulars
VOS TRAMONTANAItaly20081992x 735Oil recovery

Platform Supply Vessels
NameFlagBuiltDeck space (m2)DWTkW / PropulsionRemarksParticulars
POWER EXPRESSNetherlands200666336002x 2,460
VOS PRODUCERNetherlands200666336002x 2,460
VOS PROMINENCENetherlands200766336002x 2,460
POOL EXPRESS Netherlands200862032002x 1,550DP-1
BASE EXPRESS Netherlands200862032002x 1,550DP-1
VOS ENERGY Italy20084089402x 1,170Oil recovery
VOS PRECIOUSNetherlands201070832502x 1,980DP-2
VOS PRELUDE Netherlands201070832502x 1,980DP-2

Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels
FIELD EXPRESSNetherlands19841,2992x 2,250
VOS ATLANTICOItaly19751,2212x 2,590
VOS ARGOSYSingapore19991,5985300
VOS OLYMPIANSingapore20061,5005500
VOS SIGNALSingapore19852,0009180
VOS SOUNDSingapore19831,7509280
VOS HERCULESSingapore20061,4005150
VOS ZEUSSingapore20071,3605150
VOS HERMESSingapore20091,4005150
VOS HESTIA Italy20091,4005150
VOS HELIOS Singapore20091,4005150
VOS HADESItaly20091,4005150
VOS HERAItaly20101,4005150
VOS HYPERION Singapore20101,4005150
VOS HECATESingapore20101,4005150
VOS TETHYSItaly20101,4005150DP-1
VOS THEIAGibraltar20111,4005150DP-1
VOS THEMIS Singapore20111,4005150DP-1
VOS TRITONSingapore20111,4005150DP-1
VOS THALIA Singapore20121,4005150DP-1
VOS THALASSAItaly20121,4005150DP-1
VOS ACHILLESSingapore20111,4005150DP-1
VOS APHRODITESingapore20111,4005150DP-1
VOS APOLLO Singapore20111,4005150DP-1
VOS ARESSingapore20121,4005150DP-1
VOS ARTEMISSingapore20111,4005150DP-1
VOS ATHENASingapore20121,4005150DP-1
VOS ATHOSGibraltar20121,4005150DP-1/Oil recovery
VOS ATLANTA Singapore20121,4005150DP-1/Oil recovery
VOS ATLASSingapore20121,4005150DP-1

Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance Vessels
MPI RESOLUTIONNetherlands20038,33570Wind turbine installation
MPI ADVENTURENetherlands20117,150112Wind turbine installation
MPI DISCOVERYNetherlands20117,150112Wind turbine installation
MPI SANCHO PANZAUK2008012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
MPI DON QUIXOTE UK2009012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
MPI ROSINANTE UK2009012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
MPI RUCIOUK2010012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
MPI DOROTHEA UK2011012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
MPI DULCINEAUK2011012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
MPI CARDENIOUK2012012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
MPI CERVANTESUK2012012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
Hull No. SCC-063 (South Boats, Isle of Wight, UK)TBANB 2013012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
Hull No. SCC-064 (South Boats, Isle of Wight, UK)TBANB 2013012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
Hull No. SCC-068 (South Boats, Isle of Wight, UK)TBANB 2013012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service
Hull No. SCC-069 (South Boats, Isle of Wight, UK)TBANB 2013012 passengers + 3 crewWind farm service


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